Friday, April 6, 2012

The Wild and Scenic

Winters out!  Tools and crampons stashed away and rock shoes ready to go.  One of my favorite things about climbing is its seasonality, putting away one part and dusting off another.  I’ve always enjoyed the different communities of people and starkly different environments this change allows.  Friends I haven’t heard from all summer call the second ice starts making its way down the rock, and then drift away as the ice retreats.  Now the rock climbing crew has awakened with an amazing energy and psyche that’s been keep dormant through the winter.   

 last day on the tools, Snake Mountain

If you live in New England then spring means one thing; head south!!  I was stoked to have just joined a good crew of motivated and strong climbers from Burlington for a few weeks at one of the best crags the south has to offer.  OBED. Steep big pitches and amazing rivers by day and full on good ol' southern livin’ by night.  

The heart of the Obed is Del and Marte’s Lilly Pad.  They have been living the good life off the grid for years and offer climbers a place to pitch their tent or park the van and call home for as long as they please.  From ground up log cabins, lean-to’s, and home cut picnic tables, to cornhole and the famed Hillbilly hot tub, this place is one of the best climber friendly hangs out there.  

The Lilly Pad

 Blue Swans Shangri-La  "two days on...5 days off!"

And the climbing is for sure incredible, with hardly a bad crag anywhere.  A couple of our favorites where the short steep power endurance routes at the Hanger and big tiered roof climbs at the Tieranny Wall. Wicked!

 As good as 5.12 gets, Jungle Jane, Tieranny Wall


Hope everyone is well, and getting out enjoying the spring!

Josh Worley - Burlington, VT