Tuesday, June 26, 2007

All work and no play...

...Makes for a really lame sales meeting!

I finally had the opportunity to turn the tables on all our athletes! At least once a week I receive awesome pictures of the climbs & expeditions they go on…and I’m stuck in the damn office! Well, now it was my turn. Granted, this wasn’t a trip to some remote corner of the earth but it was the Mammut sales meeting in Grindelwald, Switzerland, which is a pretty nice place. Upon hearing they had just received several feet of snow, I went home the night before our departure and packed my ski gear with the hopes of logging one final day of skiing for the season.

The first two days looked grim with low cloud cover and rain. Finally, on my last day to play before the meetings started the clouds burned off and up I went. The snow wasn’t spectacular. In fact it was pretty damn sketchy; slides all over the place and undermined snow. And it was pretty freakin’ hot too! Despite the stares from tourists on the hiking trail, I found a nice safe ridge line to hike and ski. After an hour or so of skinning I made my run and managed to get a handle on the wet, soft punchy snow.

The effort of lugging my bags all the way to Switzerland for one day of skiing, the incredible sunburn I got on my face (I realized I forgot my sunscreen after I got off the tram), and the funny looks the locals gave me when I asked about skiing were all justified for that last final run of the ski season…in June…in Switzerland.

-Papa Stampy

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