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Monday, July 27, 2015

A Bouldering Trifecta

This spring, David took two weeks off from work to boulder in Bishop, California. Christine flew down to meet him during her spring break from school. David's two weeks turned into four due to a lack of available work back at home. Chasing cooler temps, David traveled from Bishop to Joe's Valley, Utah to Castle Rocks State Park, Idaho. Christine was lucky enough to follow to Joe's for five days, and even snuck in a weekend trip to Idaho to meet up with David and friends at the end of their trip. Once again, this trip was made a lot more fun by the company of great friends.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finding Motivation in Weakness and Inspiration in Success

Since David and I met more than four years ago in Spain, our life has been a blur of extended climbing trips in the US and Europe, interrupted by bouts of seasonal work—in large part because our international relationship required frequent border crossings such that neither of us overstayed our visas in the other’s respective home continents.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

St. George, UT

I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves in this one. The pictures are of The Black and Tan wall and our awesome camping spot. We are on our way to some sketchy motel for a shower and mimosas by the pool. More to come.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

#browers ski urban

Because there was so much snow in the Salt Lake Valley it was hard to pass up the urban opportunities.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mammut Athlete Kevin Brower Gets The Cover!

     I think this might have been one of the first photo shoots with my new Mammut outerwear.
When Steve said he had an idea for a night shot, I was a little reluctant because like most night shoots they tend to take 3 times longer then you think they should.  That night at Brighton was no different.  The conditions were less than ideal, the feature was pretty challenging and it was dark.  
     After planning out what we wanted to accomplish we built the jump and chopped up the sun crusted landing. It was flat. (A fact that most photographers pay no attention to.) ha.  It took me a few tries to figure out how to hand drag the tree and not get my hand stuck in the stump, it took Steve a few tries to get his shot figured out and for the flashes to all work at the same time.  After a few hours and many more jumps I was tired and beat.  We had gotten a few great shots and we were both pretty stoked on what we had accomplished.  But after review you can alway find something that isn't quite right, so Steve asked for one final shot from a different angle, just to see how it looked.  I did it and we were both right on the money.  
    This shot was actually taken a year or two ago and we have always been amazed that it has not been used. Little did we know it was being saved for a cover.  Most people don't believe it but this is actually how it looks in the camera, no effects were added.  I couldn't be more stoked on how things worked out. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Summer biking in Utah

Steven lloyd

Summer has many opportunities to train for the winter. I myself have fallen in love with mountain biking. It emulates skiing as much as any sport can without snow being around. Your attention to the fall line is imperative. Picking your line and committing to it has kept me on edge and make me sharper going into the skiing season. The only down side is crashing on dirt. It is a lot less forgiving and hurts way more. But this creates the opportunity to be more focused and commit to what you are doing 100 percent and you have to leave doubt behind.
  This summer I was able to visit some of the most unreal riding the US. has to offer. Thunder mountain Utah is one of the most aesthetically beautiful trails I have ever ridden. It offers a good amount of climbing and decent. The whole time you are moving in and out of red rock hoodoos that captivate the imagination.
Aside from hitting the xc trails I have fallen in love with flying through the air on my bike. Dirt jumping and jump flow lines are such a great way to improve your air awareness and well, just feel like you are flying. Canyons resort in Utah has come along way with their freeride park and spending time there is a great way to hang with friends and be a part of the community. 
Getting hurt is a big part of the game but this summer I have been extremely lucky to have stayed healthy. Out of all the riding, jumping and hucking I have been relatively untouched besides the usual cut or bruise. I will miss shredding the dirt as we turn into winter, but look forward to shredding the powder.  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Utah Research Trip: 8 Days, 21 Hikes & 2000 Driving Miles

Last week, I took my final research trip for my 50 Hikes in Utah book. Though I'd already done 30 hikes, I "messed up" one of the earlier ones--so I did 21 hikes on trip. David couldn't come with me this time, but my mother surprised me by driving down from Montana and joining for a few days--which was awesome, and totally unexpected!

Below is one image from each hike:
01 Limber Pine Trail in Logan Canyon

02 Naomi Peak in Logan Canyon

03 Tony Grove Nature Trail in Logan Canyon

04 White Pine Lake in Logan Canyon

05 Maughan Hollow in Logan Canyon

06 Riverside Nature Trail in Logan Canyon

07 Wind Caves in Logan Canyon

08 Green Canyon Trail in Green Canyon

09 Beirdneau Trail to Wind Cave Way in Green Canyon

10 Red Pine Lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon

11 Snowbird to Hidden Peak in Little Cottonwood Canyon

12 Albion Basin to Catherine Pass in Little Cottonwood Canyon

13 Willow Heights to Willow Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon

14 Brighton to Dog, Mary Lakes in Big Cottonwood Canyon

15 Silver Lake Loop in Big Cottonwood Canyon

16 Little Mountain Summit in Emigration Canyon

17 Rattlesnake Gulch to Pipeline Trail in Millcreek Canyon

18 Silver Lake Flat to Silver Lake in American Fork Canyon

19 Tibble Fork Loop in American Fork Canyon

20 Pine Hollow in American Fork Canyon

21 Sundance to Stewart Falls

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blood, Guts, and Gore!

by Chris Thomas

Blood, guts, and gore!  While climbing at The Hoop, UT I slipped on some dirty rock and took a whipper on the slab warm up.   I wasn’t in any pain, but when I looked at my elbow I couldn’t believe it!
20 minute hike, 3 hour drive, and three different hospitals later, I finally ended up getting same day surgery in the ER in Salt Lake City.  My extensor tendon was cut, but not completely severed, and I went through the fascia and into muscle.  The biggest risk is infection from the pile of dirt, lichen, and other debris that were lodged inside the wound. 

The funny thing is I have absolutely no idea what cut me.  A razor sharp blade of Utah limestone?  A bolt hanger?
Be careful out there, even slabby moderate sport routes can snap at you when you’re not paying attention.

Chris Thomas

Monday, July 23, 2012

Work Trip to Utah: 15 hikes, 80 walking miles, 17,000 vertical feet and 2,000+ driving miles

I'm still writing a book on hiking in Utah and, though we took a big research trip to southern Utah in March, I still had something like 70% of the book's hikes left to do. So a few week ago, we took another trip to Utah to knock out another several hikes. We had a lot of other things to take care of on the trip, and it was brutally hot (triple-digit highs), so I ended up only getting 14 hikes finished. Still, I covered a lot of miles (~2000 in the car and ~80 on foot) and took a lot of photos.

1 .  Waterfall Canyon, Ogden: 2.4 miles/ 1200' gain/ 94 degrees F

2. Indian Trail, Ogden: 2.7 miles/ 800' gain/ 94 degrees F

3. Skull Crack Canyon, Causey Reservoir, Ogden Canyon: 4.7 miles/ 700' gain/ 96 degrees F

4. Ogden Overlook, Snowbasin Resort: 5.3 miles/ 1200' gain/ 96 degrees F

5. White Rock Bay, Antelope Island: 7.3 miles/ 700' gain/  105 degrees F!!!

6. Frary Peak, (the tallest point on) Antelope Island: 6.6 miles/ 2200' gain/ 105 degrees F!!!

7. Wheeler Creek, Ogden Canyon: 3.9 miles/ 720' gain/ 102 degrees F

8. Mt. Aire, Millcreek Canyon, Salt Lake City Area: 3.3 miles/ 2200' gain/ 102 degrees F

9. Dog Lake from Upper Big Water, Millcreek Canyon, Salt Lake City Area: 5.2 miles/ 1300' gain/ 102 degrees F

10. Notch Loop, Uinta Mountains: 5.7 miles/ 1040' gain/ much cooler

11. Lake Country Loop, Uinta Mountains: 7.5 miles/ 1000' gain/ much cooler

12. Amethyst Basin and Lake, Uinta Mountains: 10.9 miles/ 2600' gain/ much cooler

13. Notch Mountain Trail from Bald Mountain Pass to Trial Lake Trail Head, Uinta Mountains: 9.8 miles/ 1000' gain/ much cooler

14. Bald Mountain, Uinta Mountains: 2.8 miles/ 1205' gain/ extreme! wind and blowing rain on the descent