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Monday, July 27, 2015

A Bouldering Trifecta

This spring, David took two weeks off from work to boulder in Bishop, California. Christine flew down to meet him during her spring break from school. David's two weeks turned into four due to a lack of available work back at home. Chasing cooler temps, David traveled from Bishop to Joe's Valley, Utah to Castle Rocks State Park, Idaho. Christine was lucky enough to follow to Joe's for five days, and even snuck in a weekend trip to Idaho to meet up with David and friends at the end of their trip. Once again, this trip was made a lot more fun by the company of great friends.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

12,000+ Miles in less than Five Months

Since January 9, we've taken dozens of climbing trips from Salt Lake City, including several to Moe's Valley, Utah, two to Bishop, California, one to Moab, two to Bozeman, Montana, and a "buttload" to Joe's Valley, Utah.

I'm about to leave Salt Lake City for the summer. I'll spend the first month in Ten Sleep, Wyoming trying to remind my forearms how to climb more than ten moves at a time. After that, I'll head to Sweden -where I'll hopefully get to boulder, trad climb, and sport climb.

More soon!
-Christine Balaz


David Sending Beyond Life (Gustavo Moser Photo)




Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Joe's Valley Video

Same old story here- more weekend trips to Joe's Valley!

But recently, we've updated our camera to the Nikon D5100. So even if the climbers/ location is the same, the footage is much better!

For those heading to Joe's Valley, consider bringing $25 cash; Isaac Caldiero has just self-published a new, color guidebook featuring 300 "new" problems -for a total of 600+ problems.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Joe's Valley

We just got back from another short trip to Joe's Valley. This time it was my turn for "sucking in Joe's" and I definitely learned a few lessons about patience and resting during bouldering.

Anyway- here is a short video David made about the trip.

Sucking in Joe's 2 from David Sjoquist on Vimeo.

More next time!

-Christine Balaz

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finally - A Break in the Rain in Utah!

If the old saying, "April showers bring May flowers" is true, then Utah is going to look like this next month:
... because the weather has been looking like this:

In any case, I had a four-day weekend last week that was almost completely squandered with indoor activities. We'd been hoping to take a climbing trip-- but the forecast from Idaho to Las Vegas, Rifle, and Ibex was rain.

But on Sunday, the sun came out for just a little bit. We checked the forecast and the webcams and decided to sprint to Joe's Valley for the last 1.5 days of this long weekend.

David made a video about some of the climbs from the short trip. You'll have to excuse the title and the poor footage quality. Not all climbing movies have to be cool. But it's a fun video to watch anyway!

-Christine Balaz