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Friday, November 13, 2015

See You Later, Sweden and Montana; Hello Nevada and California!

This past July, we left our home in Bozeman, Montana to move to Reno, Nevada. Christine will start medical school in August and we chose this location because it has ~10,000 boulder problems within a ~two hour radius, great sport and traditional climbing, and potential for year-round outdoor climbing! Not to mention it's less than four hours to Bishop and five hours to Yosemite. Oh yeah, and it has a medical school. That, too.

Before we moved, we took a quick trip to Sweden to visit David's family. 

Below are some pictures from the summer.


Friday, October 11, 2013

Bouldering in Dye, Värmland, Sweden

Late this summer, David Sjöquist and I went to Sweden to visit his family for two weeks in Värmland. We were there to celebrate our wedding with his and my family, and so spent most of our time doing family stuff. However, we were able to get out for a few bouldering sessions at their local cliff, Dye. 

Though it's small, this granite cliffband has dozens of excellent problems--from warm-ups to serious projects, on top-quality granite. Edges, slopers and pinches! 

Here are some photos from the trip.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Peace Out, Sweden!

It was a great two months in Sweden for me. Lots and lots of (writing) work and (flood-causing) rain -but also as much training, and some climbing outside.

Below are some photos of the last climbing days there.
En route from Karlstad to Filipstad, to climb at a cliff called Hämtjärn.

Me packing carelessly for the 15 meter approach.

Me taking a top-rope exploration of a climb called Jesus, din Räddning (7c+)

David on his then unsent project, Hästkanonen (The Horse Cannon). He needed to move a few bolts before he would send it.


Stephan attempting to send Jesus, din Räddning

We saw too much of this during the summer...

Sweden, birth place of IKEA

Preparing to move two bolts and replace the anchor on Hästkanonen

A route that I did on this trip, Pluttan (7b)

Skårepumpen: the gym where we lifted during the summer


Bouldering in Färjestad, another local bouldering area with vertical, spread-out problems

David doing the FA of a new problem (V8 or so)

David getting ready to send The Horse Cannon with the new bolts.

Below is a movie David made about the final day I had in Sweden, also our final climbing day there together for the summer. (David has since been back to bolt some new lines.)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Training, Working, Climbing, Training, Working, Climbing

Life continues to roll by here in Sweden. Because David and I are both quite busy working, we've been spending most of our time in town... but we've been pretty happy about that, too, as being in town means we also have a bed, shower, climbing gym, "regular" gym, refrigerator, and such.

Here are some photos of this all...

David's work: Magazinet Sport.

Bench pressing at the neighborhood gym, Skårepumpen.

More bouldering at Dye (in Karlstad).

Trying to find the good part of this bad sloper

David and a friend spent five hours moving a 300+ kg stone away from this boulder in order to add extensions to many of Dye's better problems.

David re-sending some of these problems with the new extensions.

Swedish muffins with wild-picked lingon berries.

Back in Skårepumpen.

David working on the complete Dye traverse, a 65-move project.

Toward the end of that traverse.

Me working on a climb called Sälen.

David working on yet another problem made possible by the removal of the 300kg block.

Sport climbing in Byn, about an hour west of Karlstad.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sweden's West Coast: A Wedding and Extracurricular Climbing

Last weekend we went to a family wedding on the West Coast of Sweden, in Stenungsund. The wedding took place on Saturday afternoon, so we managed to fit in some sport climbing on Saturday morning, as well as a short bouldering tour on Sunday.

Sport climbing near Stenungsund. A very fun, though short, schist cliff.

View looking out from the cliff

The site of the wedding

View from the reception hall

Fisher cabins on the shore

The newly-wed bride and groom arrived by boat.

Post-wedding Sunday: Jakob, David's cousin, takes us on a tour of his local bouldering haunts. Though small, this cliff band had quite a lot of excellent problems!