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Friday, February 20, 2015

Yeah Winter!

I love Winter and spending time in the mountains!  Whether it is early morning laps at the resort or backcountry touring with friends.  It is great to be outside. 

Enjoy these images from Jon Mancuso shot in the early part of the season and be sure to follow all my ski adventures this season at

All the best-
Danny Walton-
Mammut Athlete Team

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The future of Telemark skiing is looking pretty good! Enjoy this stylee edit from Jeremy Lato featuring the Mountain Niceness tele posse! It is always a blast skiing Ellie Singer age 9 and her brother Kapp 13. These kids don’t want coco they want to tele-shred!

Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness Powder

Seems like each year the best days come in spring!  Here in central Idaho we always get pounded with snow in March/April.  Enjoy this edit from skiing at Sun Valley yesterday.  With over 30 inches of fresh how could you go wrong.

As always I stayed warm and dry in Mammut Gore Tex gear!  My Alagna jacket is my favorite for the resort.  I am rocking the Nordwand pant which is my go to for stormy weather.

Enjoy-Danny Walton

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sun Valley Powder

Life is good!  After the last storm I got the chance to go out and shoot with my friend Karl Weatherly at Sun Valley. It is always a good time when we get out and ski! These shots were taken 3 days after the storm. The sun came out and there was lots of freshies and face shots all day long. There is nothing like making sty-lee telemark turns in the pow!!!  I love it!
Be sure to check out Karl’s amazing website
Enjoy The Mountain Niceness-Danny Walton

Check out for more images

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mt. Niceness-"Winter Two Thousand Heaven" Vol. 1 Sun Valley

Greetings and Happy Winter!

Ullr is smiling on us and blessed us with some great early season snow! Here is some from footy from Sun Valley. I am rocking my Mammut ski uni from 3 years ago....the Nirvana Jacket...still bomber gear!

It feel great to back on my skis and see all my winter friends. Winter is a really special time of year. Get out and celebrate the snow!

Danny Walton

Friday, April 16, 2010

April or February? More pow skiing in the Sawtooths!

Skiing the shadows of Mt Heyburn

Living the dream at the Bench Lakes Hut!

Fresh K2 Coomback

Fishhook Yurt

It is always a treat to ski each spring with my friends/guides from Sun Valley Trekking. What makes it so special is being with people that share my passion for skiing, powder and time in the mountains. Like our Pioneer Yurt trip last week we were blessed with another 2 feet of fresh in the Sawtooths. Things were not stable up high which forced us to lower angle pow skiing. Great turns and face shots all day long!
Gonna be a great spring! Enjoy the mountain niceness!

Danny Walton

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mountain niceness training tips

Waking up this morning I was greeted with the crisp crisp mountain air. My hands and feet were freezing as I rode my cruiser bike to coffee shop. The sunrises are looking a bit different....and yes the days are getting shorter. It is true I am crazed by the glorious snow and winter! I do enjoy our beautiful Idaho summers filled with amazing mt biking, climbing and hiking but they are all preparation.....for the epic winter ahead of us!

Here is a training tip for you to add to the mix. Enjoy and have a laugh.....and some fun!

Danny Irie Walton

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hayburn Couloir Video-Sawtooth Mts,Idaho

Hayburn Couloir-Sawtooths


Wow.... it time to switch gears from tele-ski mode to climbing and biking adventures! But, first I'd like share a video from Hayburn Couloir in the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho with the K2 team. The route was accessed from the Bench Lakes Hut which is one of Sun Valley Trekking 5 huts or yurts! I was blessed to spend half the month at these huts in beautiful Idaho! More Mountain Niceness to come...............Enjoy!

Danny Irie Walton

touring across the 5th Lake
Gabe Rogel, Heather Paul, Mike Hattrup, Andrew McLean, Luke Miller

Andrew McLean getting ready to drop in Hayburn.

Love the Nirvana Series.....bomber gear!
Home Sweet Home.....Sawtooths,Idaho.