Sunday, August 26, 2007

Gang night at the local Choss Cave

I've finally had some time to hang out with a few of my friends here in Eastern Idaho. This summer has been busy to say the least! Obligations at events, Outdoor Retailer, and other coordination obligations have kept me from our local choss cave most of the summer.

Back in the early 90's, Chuck Odette and I opened a couple of routes in a small basalt cave south of Idaho Falls. The cave sat dormant until this spring when Matt TeNgiao and I caught the vision and opened eleven new routes in the cave. Even my wife caught a bit of the new routing bug and opened her first line dubbed The Bride of Crankenstein which has become the three star 5.12 to do.

It's been nice to be home, go cragging with my friends, and get caught up on the local gossip! It's been a long hot summer for us and despite a rock climbing vacation to Kalymnos in less than a month, my thoughts have been drifting to my next project...

More to come on this gem in late October when i return from Greece!

Dean Lords