Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Mammut Athletes First Descent

As a new team member I felt this would be a great first Blog for me. (Dylan Crossman)

This is a trip I took to Austria with some other Telemark Athletes. (JT Robinson, Zack Houston, Jon Gurry, and Photographer Steve Lloyd)

JT and I where able to make a trip to Austria last year for a Tele Fest and a Tele Cross.

At end of our trip we luckly met Lothar Hofer our new friend and guide for this years trip.

We made our way from Salt lake City to Austria and this Coulior was one of the runs I skied on my first day.

It was a first descent. The guys we skied with have grown up in this town (Lothar Hofer, and Martin Sochor) They have their own Video Production called Y Dream.

These are the guys that pointed out the Coulior.

When they pointind out the shot I wanted to ski it. The rest of the crew didn't want to get into it so we skied some other faces and as the days end was nearing I told everyone I wanted to ski it. I asked around who wanted to be my side kick, no one wanted to, I talk JT into it and we put our skins on and started up. We got to the top Zack, Martin, and Steve where ready to shoot it.
I skied it first. It was steep and got really narrow at one point (about 170 cm). JT made it to the bottom and we traversed around the backside of the moutain and back to the base area.

When we returned, Lothar and Martin aked me what I wanted to name it.

I asked them why. They told me they have been looking at it for years and it had never been skied.

It is now know as Crossman Coulior.

It is off the back side of Loser Mountain Pronounced [lo:zer] its in Ausseerland Austria.

Part of the Totes Gebirge Range

Peak is 1838 meters.

This is me coming out hot from Crossman Coulior.