Monday, March 24, 2008

Timpanogos East ridge 3/23/08

After reading many posts of locals skiing timp and looking at it many times from the west face, I decided that it was time to get after it. The east face is one of the most aesthetic lines in the Wasatch and one of the longest. 4,800 vertical feet of skiing and its all good fall line. My friends Jeff Campbell, Dan Dean, and Matt Rink Joined me.

We started our day at 4:30 with a nice drive down to sundance. Started on the trail about 5:30. the snow was firm and some booting was done to get by the first cliff band. After that the skin track wasn't bad.

We made our way up to the cirque and over to the hut for some food.

Moving on past Robert's Horn and then up the glacier. Once on top you have a awesome view of Utah county. The boot across the last part of the top was really firm. Dan and Matt had crampons and were able to move a lot faster than me. I think next time I will bring mine.

At the top we geared up for the down. Dan went first since he knew the line. The snow was good corn, but was ripe and we needed to spend as little time on the upper face as possible before wet slides started. Here is Jeff looking down on all the sinners that didn't go to church today.

Here is Dan doing the same.

Mister Rink trying to act like he can ski.

And last but not least me at the bottom.

It was such a great day. I have been wanting to ski that for a long time. But i will say i was a little spent when we got back to the car.
Steve Lloyd (SLC, UT)