Monday, May 12, 2008

Psyched for the 'Vous in the New!

That's me on The Red Wall (5.11a) at Lost City in the 'Gunks. It's yet another 'Gunks classic with big moves between big holds with solid but unobvious gear placements and not a single stitch of fixed gear. Thanks to the Merry Crankster Jamie Hamilton for helping demystify this gem for me! I've been having a good spring in the 'Gunks besides, finally doing The Sting (5.11d) and Scary Area (5.11b)

The highlight of Katy and my recent trip to Indian Creek for me was onsighting The Slot Machine (5.12-) on my 36th birthday. The same day Steph Davis soloed the North Face of Castleton Tower (go Steph!!! You're crushing!!!)! Oh what a wonderful world it is! I gave The Slot Machine everything I had and just barely made it to the anchor with numb hands lacking dexterity and adrenaline pouring out of my ears. It took me two hours to lead it! Crack climbing sure is fun!!!!

My darling daughters Elan Willoughby Mayo and Katharine McKinley Mayo on the ledge in the 'Gunks, where we've been spending most of our time. Otherwise, we've spent more than a few days at the Spider's Web in the Adirondacks where I finally sent It's Only Entertainment (5.11d) and Monkey See, Monkey Do (5.11a), both of which are absolutely glorious! Also, we've done all of the usual classics like White Knight (5.12a), Romano's Route (5.11c), Eternity (5.10d), Fear and Loathing in Keene Valley (5.11b), Drop, Fly or Die (5.11a), among others. Gotta love the Web - meter for meter it's the best trad crag in the world, in my book!
Hope to see you in the New River Gorge for the New River Rendezvous this weekend (05/16-18/2008)!
Will Mayo