Thursday, June 26, 2008

Moab Tower Climbing

It was a phenomenal spring here in Utah, with plenty of late season snow storms to keep the skiing at the higher elevations alive, and cooler than average temps to make the rock climbing at the lower elevations superb. While I have plenty of projects right outside of my front door, I also spent a good bit of time enjoying some of the tower classics near Moab. Tower climbing, at any grade, is one of my very favorite things to do, and the Moab area has an abundance of outstanding routes to choose from.
Here’s a couple of the ones we did:

The River Road Towers. Big Bend Butte is on the Left,
Dolomite in the middle, and Lighthouse on the right.

Moving up on the second pitch of Infrared

Rapping down after the steep, steep, STEEP
last pitch

The very engaging Dolofirght. I was told this
route was run out and excting, and I wasn't

View from the top

The last pitch of Sisyphus on Zeus

Several years ago I climbed the classic Primrose
Dihedrals on Moses, and descended via Pale Fire.
The first pitch of Pale Fire became an obsession
of mine – it’s hands down one of the most beautiful
cracks I’ve ever seen. After that, the quality of
the climbing deteriaorates a bit, but it was still a
great outing. Garrett and I swung leads.

Garrett and I relaxing on top of Moses
There's lots more to do in the desert once it cools off a little in the fall. For now, it's time to head to the mountains...
Chris Thomas