Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer in the Northeast (don't forget your mackinaw!)

Andy Tuthill on the third pitch of The Labyrinth Wall

Andy Tuthill on the fifth pitch of The Labyrinth Wall
On Friday the 13th, Andy Tuthill and I climbed the VMC Direct Direct (5.11a) and The Labyrinth Wall (5.11d) on Cannon Cliff. We traded leads all day and neither one of us fell - not once! Amazing! Lucky 13!
Also, our northern compatriot Jean-Francois LaRouche du Trois Rivieres established some anchors at the Spider's Web in the Adirondacks. Now, the Fear and Loathing in Keene Valley/Mr. Rogers Neighborhood anchor resembles less a Rube Goldberg machine; and, one may link both pitches of Monkey See, Monkey Do; Drop, Fly or Die; Romano's Route and/or White Knight and lower off with a 70M rope. These routes may now be done as 35M enduro-pitches. So, get your new 70M Revelation and get crackin'! Mas, mas, mas!
Will Mayo