Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer at Cathedral Ledge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reward at the belay above the Bridge of Kazahdum (5.11+): BLUEBERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Bridge is one of my favorites - I've done it twice already this year. No other route at Cathedral (that I can do) gives me such a wicked pump.

Andy Tuthill on Budapest (5.11+). This beauty is one of the sweetest little cracks anywhere!

Andy Tuthill, later the same day, on the second pitch of the Prow (5.11+). We did the Prow free cleanly even though it was wet on the third, fourth and fifth pitches (we did it in six). We lucked out and had some fun!

Andy Tuthill sending the third pitch (.11a) of the Prow.

It's been a wet summer so far; but, we're making the best of it! Heading west soon (at the advice of my doctor) to lick a nasty case of Rickets from lack of sunlight (just kidding)! Lovin' the Northeast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will Mayo