Monday, August 18, 2008

Mistah Luthah, Cannon Mtn., The Tower of Power and Swamp Donkeys

Peter Kamitses and I have been going to Moss Cliff lately. The peregrine ban is over and a swanky new Tyrolean across the river is up. Today, Peter, being a gentleman as well as a mutantrockjock, graciously let me have the FFA of the first pitch of Mistah Luthah (5.12-, 80') which is just right of Adirondack Black Fly Rancher (A2+). It's named in honor of our lost friend and partner Dennis Luther. We miss you, man! Remembering you brings a smile to my face time and time again. We'll never forget you Dennis!!!!!!

Mistah Luthah starts with the business: a couple of moves up a crack to thin techy .12- face past three bolts to the sweetest little .10+ finger crack. It's a warm-up for Peter; it's a plum for the rest of us. It's amazingly sweet!!!!!

We're going back on Saturday for more. I'm going to unleash the human fly, Mr. Senor Kamitses, Esquire, and bring my jumars. That's right! Pan Am here we come!

The Two Toms (Callaghan, leading, and Nonis) on the Labyrinth Wall, Cannon Cliff, NH the day of the Swamp Donkey Disco. I fatally hit a poor giant Swamp Donkey the night before with my Van. The Van's fine, miraculously, I was able to swerve in time to just hit the Moose's head which killed it; but, the van survived minus some glass and a side view mirror. The Disco was raging - don't miss it next year!!!!

Mr. Clean at Devils Tower, WY. Oh how sweet it is!!!!!!

The McCarthy North Face, Devils Tower, WY

I can't wait to go back to the Tower of Power!!!!!!!!

That's all for now. I'm heading to the Valley in September and the Creek in October. Can't wait!!!!! I'm so psyched!!!!!!

Will Mayo