Monday, February 16, 2009

Mt. Washington Valley Icefest

A week ago today I was in the heart of East Coast climbing unsure of what to expect. North Conway, New Hampshire knows how to put on a kickass ice climbing festival.
I had two fun days teaching clinics at just a few of what looked like hundreds of crags. I had nothing but pleasant and eager climbers looking to learn more. One of my students was so thankful for my teachings he hit me in the head with the hammer of his ice tool. No, really, it was my fault......he taught me. Don't spot someone bouldering with ice axes! Duh.
The last day I went climbing with an old friend, Byard Russel. We climbed a local classic on Cathedral Ledge and then spent the remainder of the day in the cave doing some crazy "M" stuff. Soooo Fun!
It was cool hangin on the east coast. I ate lots of seafood, had some good times with the Mammut crew, met a bunch of new folks, and best of all spent an evening with some of my family that lives north in Maine. I'll be back next year for sure. Remember, bouldering and ice tools don't mix!

Whit Magro