Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Comp/ Bouldering in Little Cottonwood

This weekend we had to stay in SLC, as David had to build problems for a competition at The Front. Having not done competitions in some years, I decided to join.

The Plastic Passion Comp, The Front, Salt Lake City.
The following day, the weather was really nice. And despite David's fingers having unclimbably bad splits, my body being tired from the comp, and my guidebook being in Montana, and the canyons being somewhat covered in snow, we decided to head to Little Cottonwood Canyon to find some slab bouldering and fresh air.

Me on an unknown slab.

Taking lunch in the warm, warm sun.

David sending an unknown, wet, hard slab. (I know; I tried...)

On Shingles.

-Christine Balaz

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