Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rainier & Hood

It's Memorial day weekend and we are still skiing powder here in the Northwest. I spent a lot of time cruising around Mt Rainier in May. The snow was good, it was still dumping and the weather allowed me to get oriented to terrain I was unfamiliar with. This summer I am working for Alpine Ascents International guiding in the Cascades, mostly on Rainier. In between trips I have been going home to the Columbia River Gorge to hang out in Hood River, clip bolts and ski on Mt Hood.

Mt Hood summit. May 19

Crevasse rescue practice on Rainier photo: David Dietzgen

Dave and Victor McNeil photo: David Dietzgen

Ingraham glacier on Mt Rainier

Breaking trail at 12,000 ft

Sunrise over the Cascades

Inverted keg stands at 10,000 ft on Mt Rainier. Happy Memorial Day

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