Sunday, September 25, 2011

Peace Out, Sweden!

It was a great two months in Sweden for me. Lots and lots of (writing) work and (flood-causing) rain -but also as much training, and some climbing outside.

Below are some photos of the last climbing days there.
En route from Karlstad to Filipstad, to climb at a cliff called Hämtjärn.

Me packing carelessly for the 15 meter approach.

Me taking a top-rope exploration of a climb called Jesus, din Räddning (7c+)

David on his then unsent project, Hästkanonen (The Horse Cannon). He needed to move a few bolts before he would send it.


Stephan attempting to send Jesus, din Räddning

We saw too much of this during the summer...

Sweden, birth place of IKEA

Preparing to move two bolts and replace the anchor on Hästkanonen

A route that I did on this trip, Pluttan (7b)

Skårepumpen: the gym where we lifted during the summer


Bouldering in Färjestad, another local bouldering area with vertical, spread-out problems

David doing the FA of a new problem (V8 or so)

David getting ready to send The Horse Cannon with the new bolts.

Below is a movie David made about the final day I had in Sweden, also our final climbing day there together for the summer. (David has since been back to bolt some new lines.)

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