Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bonjour from Fontainebleau!

The stairs of our gite (in a picture that uploaded at the wrong angle)

Swedes love sausage and potatoes.

It was raining, but we were going to climb (in Bas Cuvier).
Climbing is a team effort, especially if you have matching pants.

A rather classic Font topout in the area 95.2.

David does tricks.

Staging for climbing outside the gite in Avon

Following "Ingrid," our GPS unit.

David trying the "pure" jumpstart to this problem in Bas Cuvier, sans crashpad.

Boulders, boulders all around (in Bas Cuvier)

Andreas falling from Super Prestat

The castle in Fontainebleau

The castle in Fontainebleau


Me taking a coffee in the town of Fontainebleau

When in France...

Morning coffee and stress balls outside the gite

Swedes like baguettes.

Swedes like coffee.
David sending a classic 7a in Franchard Cusinier

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