Monday, January 23, 2012

The Never Ending Story

This winters plans started many years ago but just happened to luck into place this summer.

I was lucky enough that my parents friends had this old Scamper that had been sitting in their yard for about five years not getting used. They were willing to give it to me.

Not only that but it was in Castle Valley Utah right next to Jah Man a great climb that I had looked at the last time I was in Castle Valley climbing the Castleton Tower.

This was the first drive me and my bud Jake took with the Scamper. It was a good 4x4 off road test for the camper and the truck. Up a gnarly wash a few miles short of the base of Jah Man.

We made the hike in and the heat of day was just starting to melt the frost off the north faces of the trail.

I got a few photos on the climb but this isn't what this blogs really about.

Here we are on the top of the spire. An amazing day.

What this is all leading to is the work its taken to get where I am now.

Canada, where there is lots of snow.

Work can have many meanings. Like the work it takes to get up a big climb or ski down a big face.

Then there is the work that takes time, patience, mental vigour, and strength. This was one of those project.

The roof on the Scamper had leaked over time and was in need of some major work.

The wood that gave the edges of the roof their strength and structure where all rotten. The sky light had cracked and also leaked. It took a few weeks to rebuild the roof and get it back together for our road trip to Canada. I got it back together just before the deadline.

This was our home for the first week we stayed in Canada. The parking lot of Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

The first stop in Canada was Revelstoke B.C. and I made a last minute decision to compete in the Freeskiing World Tour. This was a big event where the European Freeride World Tour joined with the U.S. Tour.

Here I am on the right. Pumped just after getting out of the Heli. I kicked off a ski in a hard turn after a cliff drop just before another cliff and took a big fall but came out with out a scratch.

Check out the video from my run. Oh well thats the way it goes sometimes.

Here's a photo from where the judges vista was. We started on the peak on the left.

We spent another week in Revelstoke while it just kept on dumping snow. We went snowmobile skiing a few times and skied the Resort again. My snowmobile seized up and we had to tow it out. I took the motor apart and found that one of the pistons rings had chipped off some chrome and scratched cylinder and piston real bad. I looked and called around for parts but it was a dead end so I took out my diamond stone from the tune kit and got to work. Just made it feel smooth to the touch and put it back together. She started right up.

The next day was cold and clear and we left the sleds back in town and stuck the skins on and hiked up into the high alpine. I have driven over Rogers pass many times but never when it has been clear. Wow. I'll have to spend a season up here.

We got Revelstuck long enough and it was just time to move on. Off to the west we go.

In Whistler B.C. now but been in more then a few places between. It's been worth the work and it's still making me stronger every day.

Thanks to everyone that helps make this possible.

Peace and Love

Crossman, Out.

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