Friday, February 17, 2012

More from Bishop

We've continued to have an amazing time here in Bishop.  The days have been generally warm, and the nights cold. As much as we freeze some evenings (and as much as we sometimes fantasize about sleeping in a bed/ cooking dinner in a kitchen some nights), there is something irreplaceable about seeing the sun rise and set over the Owens Valley every day.
As we settle into the climbing, I realize that I'm enjoying my time here much more than ever last year. Probably because I'm currently injury free and can actually try hard. So that's nice. And to keep ourselves injury-free (and showered), we've purchased a membership at the Bishop Fitness Center. We go in a couple times a week to lift weights, stretch, and shower.
Below are some photos from our last few days:

 Happy hour at Whiskey Creek is an excellent way to eat enormous hamburgers.

 Mono Lake is nearby, but even windier than Bishop. 

The South Tufas of Mono Lake

After a day of climbing and a road trip to Mono Lake, cold Bratwurst and Sauerkraut on Little Caesar's Hot 'n' Ready pizzas sounded really good.

The moon setting behind Mt Tom's friend

Walking down into the Pollen Grains for our first time

The Lidja Boulder

David sending Drone Militia, V6, on the Lidja Boulder

(Very tall) Kevin making Jedi Mind Tricks (V4) look a lot less scary than it feels

Walking back to the parking from the Pollen Grains

A long-awaited Denny's breakfast

Happy hugs in the Happies, near Mr. Happy

The back of the Green Wall Boulder and Mt Tom

David sending the Southwest Face of the Green Wall Boulder (V5)

Sardine sandwiches near the Lower Smoking Boulder

Walking "home" from the Buttermilks

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