Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Begins in Ten Sleep, Wyoming

Summer has finally begun in Ten Sleep, Wyoming. Here are some random shots from the last few weeks.
Andrew Burr was in town to shoot photos for a Climbing article on the area. We revisited many classics, and Andy was able to shoot a lot of photos of bolters/ first ascensionists on their lines.

Alli climbing on the Godfather Boulder, Leigh Creek 

 Charlie on the Godfather Boulder, Leigh Creek

 Andrew Burr Shooting Alli on the Psychoactive Wall

 Andrew Burr: The Consummate Professional

 Me on Wicked as an M 16, Valhalla Wall

 Charlie on the same route, and one he put up

Me on Charlie's Stop Talkin' and Start Chalkin', Valhalla Wall

This here broccoli is germ-free and safe to eat.

View down canyon from the top, southern side

Billy on Circus in the Wind, Circus Wall

Max on Happiness in Slavery, Slavery Wall


Family photo day

View down into Ten Sleep Canyon from Leigh Creek


Steve trying to interpret her instincts

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