Friday, August 17, 2012

Random Photos of New Climbs (and Some Old, Too) in Ten Sleep

This has been a busy summer of bolting, climbing and travelling (for work... boring!). Though it feels like we've been slipping into a routine of always doing the same thing, it turns out that I've finally accumulated enough photos for a new blog post:

David creeping up a pretty new line at the Superratic crag, The Ol' Slippy Slappy (Alli Rainey Photo), .13b

Me exploring David's new route, Rakk Hive (.13-), Alli Rainey Photo 

Alli pretty much looking as sweet as you can with sunglasses AND belay glasses

Ken "Legend" W onsighting an entire new crag, Full-charge Charlie Wall


Billy B trying hard on a new line (Alli Rainey photo)

Ken at Full-charge Charlie

Good thing this Infinity rope works!

Alli finding sun at the top of yet another new line

Me on Rakk Hive -note: it's actually cool enough to wear a Schneefeld jacket

Me dragging my body up The Insect (.12d) at the Superratic (Alli Rainey Photo)

Kevin checking out another new line

Alli slaying another new line

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