Friday, November 22, 2013

Pipestone Pass Bouldering: 8 Hours of Climbing and Likely as Many First Ascents

We went out to Pipestone Pass (near Butte, Montana) again last weekend and spent a full day in an area called The Druthers, as well as in other boulder fields surrounding that area. In just a day, many new problems were cleaned and climbed--mostly easy/ moderate problems, but some harder ones as well! Plus, a handful of new projects were born. Following are some photos of the day:

Alex Herbert repeats "Sharkfist" (V7; FA David Sjöquist Oct 5, 2013=

Check out the Soho Crashpads!

Christine Balaz Sjöquist repeating Parasthesia (V? medium), Druthers

Jarred Pickens working on the soon-to-be-no-longer-a-project arete, Wild Pony

Jon Scott on the same.


David Sjöquist doing the first ascent of Wild Pony (V?)

Wild Pony, naked

Christine Balaz Sjöquist doing a possible first ascent (or a sandy one, in any case) of The Dwarf, V Fun

The winning butt shot, hand-foot-match-mantle move.

A ridiculous Jon Scott invention--slab problem with NO HANDS ALLOWED. Not even to grab the top rail. (A few folks actually managed to do it!)

David Sjöquist and Jeff Ho have found and brushed a likely new project afield from The Druthers. Nobody climbed it, but it looks like either could on the next trip!

Christine sporting the Pike Jacket, Capella Pants and Bella Beanie. Because they rhyme.

David Sjöquist topping out the project from the stand start

Joe Manlove repeating The Druthers Crack (5.11+?)

Have a good one!
-David and Christine

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