Tuesday, November 25, 2014

There Goes the Summer!

After missing last summer entirely due to intense classes and obligatory studying, I had big plans for this summer: climb, hike, fish, develop routes and boulders, relax, etc... However, this summer brought with it an unexpected surprise: a stubborn concussion that I got whilst water skiing--oops!

Because of this, I ended up missing a lot of work and spending week after week indoors, eyes closed and curtains drawn. 

However, just as my concussion started to fade, David's entire family arrived from Sweden for a visit. While they were here, we did all of the things I'd been planning to do:
Fishing on the Madison

Fishing and boating on Canyon Ferry Lake

Bouldering and camping in the Beartooths

Breaking in the new van, Rodney, in the Beartooths: on our first trip, we fit four people and one dog into him!

Papa Per topping out an unnamed problem in the Beartooths

Bouldering at Yankee (near Gardiner, MT)

"Recovering" from the day at Chico Hot Springs

Driving up to Wolverine Basin

Climbing one of David's routes in Wolverine

David, after doing the FA of a route I bolted in Wolverine last summer (unnamed, 5.12+)

Enjoying delicious pizza and beer after the day in Wolverine with Rickard and Johan just before they depart on a 2.5-month climbing trip to Colorado and Kentucky

Definitely looking forward to cooler temperatures and lots of climbing this fall!