Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ouray Ice Climbing

Greetings Bloggees from the snowy San Juan Mountains! It has been a huge snow year with amazing skiing everywhere. Some cool routes have been coming in with all the snow as well.

First off. Mad Props to Mammut Athlete Will Mayo!!!! His performance at the Ouray Ice Festival Competition Finals was both entertaining and inspiring. I'm sure he would have finished if he had his trusty 3rd tool. I'm sure someone has photos. Post Up! It has been an incredible year for the climbs up by Gravity's Rainbow. Some visiting Canadians beat us to an unclimbed pillar and dubbed it Gravity's Test WI6+. We got on it a couple days later and it is fantastic. Photos 1 and 2.

There have been some nice breaks though. As seen in the photos above from the Ouray Ice Park. Danika and I were able to chase the sun and climb some nice sticky ice. Ryan got out for a lap on the Gazebo pillar as well!

I've been putting the new Extreme WS Jacket thru the wringer the last few weeks, and it is sweet! Sheds the water from dripping icicles, cuts the wind, and moves well. Check one out!

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Chow. Clint

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