Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Seaon Update: Jackson Hole 2008

It has been a really hard season so far. Really. The sun never shines. Ullr is punishing us with snow. 340" and counting.

In between inhaling Jet B fumes and getting showered in pentolite dust from exploding hand charges, I have sucked down a lot of powder through my beard. At night I barely have enough energy to swill a PBR and stare at the IR on the computer to track the coming storm.

Every morning I am up at 5am to look at the study plots at Raymer and on Rendezvous Bowl. On the rare days it is sunny I know I will be working--flying in a Bell 407 with clients to ski powder in the Snake River Range.

But that is pretty rare this season. Gotta be able to see the sky to fly. More often than not I am off to the ski area, hiking by 7am with a pack full of pentolite cast primers to do avalanche hazard reduction work. I like explosives, always have.

When the work is finally done I get to go play.

Like I said, it's been a hard season.

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