Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Fever!

Note: Photos are in reverse chronological order.

Photo 1: That's me on the second ascent of Ian Boyer's new extension of the Jeff Lowe masterpiece "Get a Job"(M7) at Poke-O-Moonshine, NY. It's called "Marginal Employment"(M9) and involves very thin and technical hooking up a slightly steeper than vertical wall for 115'. Classic Poke-O! It's spicy with mixed gear and bolts.

Photo 2: That's Marko Prezelj pink-pointing an .11d in Eldorado Canyon, CO. I was out there in 'RADO for the AAC Meeting. Good times! Majka Burhardt hung the gear, by the way.

Photo 3: That's me climbing Doug Madara's classic traditional mixed testpiece "The Green Room"(M9) at Frankenstein Cliff, NH. Nice photo, huh?

Photo 4: "Omega"(WI5+) on Cannon Cliff, NH came in again in March! KEY: Orange: "Omega"; Green: "Firing Line"; Purple: "The Line of Fire"; Red: "Mean Streak". Kevin Mahoney and I climbed a variation to Freddie Wilkinson and Peter Doucette's radical new variation to "Omega" called "Firing Line". We called ours "The Line of Fire". Good clean fun!

Photo 5: Me sending "Middle Crack"(5.12-), Reservoir Wall, Indian Creek, UT. Katy and I made a nice spring trip to the Creek. Back to rock climbing season, it is!

Photo 6: Me on top of "Uphill All the Way"(5.12a) in the Gunks, NY this week. She go!

That's all for now. I'm heading back to the desert in a few weeks and then hope to see some of you in West Ginny at the New River Gorge for the Rendezvous in the middle of May! Long live the mighty mastadon!!!! Thanks Mammut!

Will Mayo

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