Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Latok Recovery Program

Hey All,

Sounds like all of you have had a great year, and have been getting out a bunch. Congrats to Peter and Will for all their inspiring rock sends.

As you've probably heard Whit and I had another harsh beat down by the weather Gods at Latok this year. Fortunately we had some good weather early in the trip where we climbed a nice new route on an unclimbed 6000 meterish peak to acclimatize. We also made another foray onto the North Ridge, and had a scary avalanche experience. There was so much snow that our travel companions Colin and Max had their bivy tent at ABC below the Ogre completely swallowed by the storms--and it was wanded with a three meter pole! Despite two years with no luck, I'm still obsessed with Latok's North side--It's just too rad to pass up!--so I'm sure I'll be back. Few photos from the trip above.

Since getting home in October I've been steady on the recovery program, rock climbing and bouldering a bunch, and looking forward to a trip to Patagonia this winter with Tommy Caldwell.
The snow has finally started flying here in Rifle, so hopefully I'll be able to clean up some mixed projects from last winter in the coming weeks. Hope you're all well and psyched!

Josh Wharton