Sunday, January 18, 2009

M10, 5.13, and V10 in a week!

Photos top to bottom: Erinn Kelly enjoying the sunshine in Joe's Valley, the opening move of Resident Evil (V10) by Erinn Kelly, Package of Woe (M10) by Chris Goplerud.
This week I pulled off my arbitrary goal of redpointing a new M10, 5.13, and V10 in a single week. On Monday I repeated a Duane Raleigh's hybrid route in Redstone, Package of Woe. On Tuesday I climbed Blind Date (5.13b) at The Fortress of Solitude. Thursday I made the mistake of doing a few pitches at the Fortress, and working on a 5.13+ I'd never climbed. This turned out to be a big mistake, and Saturday was an epic three hour battle to climb Resident Evil (V10) at Joe's Valley. This project was a great experience builder, and taught me all sorts of things about what it takes to be competent at several types of climbing simultaneously. I think it would be very impressive to see someone push this towards the cutting edge in each discipline. My guess is that someone like Dave McLeod might be able to do an M12, 5.14, and V12 in three days! Here's to climbing, and all the contrived random goals we all concoct to keep the fire burning.