Monday, March 23, 2009

The other side of the Rendezvous

When i started attending various events for different sponsors back in the late 90's i formed a philosophy that working the event be my first priority and my personal climbing desires would wait for the available time after the event. Over the years, this philosophy has really allowed me the opportunity to make a difference for other climbers who aspire to learn the tricks of the trade during clinics I've taught. Sometimes i wonder if people question if i really climb because of my dedication to working at the event instead of arranging time to fill my personal agenda. Sometimes i wonder myself if i climb!! But that personal philosophy i established all those years ago still rings true and i feel that my dedication to donate a handful of my personal climbing days to mentor others is what keeps the good karma flowing in my life.

This was the first time i was not able to teach a clinic and to be honest, i was really bummed out by this. Thankfully Josh Wharton stepped up to the plate and offered to teach both of my clinics for the Rendezvous while i took refuge in the hotel room bathroom. It's athlete's like Josh who will continue to excel as a Professional Athlete as he recognizes the importance of being a good ambassador to the brand; setting aside his chance to climb with friends and donate a few personal days for the benefit of fellow climbers. Thanks for covering for me, Josh! And to all of those who where in my clinics, sorry i was not able to be there.

Dean Lords - Idaho