Saturday, April 11, 2009


I've been balancing team obligations and personal climbing the last few weeks. I wasn't able to climb after the Red Rock Rendezvous because the flu pretty much rendered me powerless. As soon as i felt better i returned to warmer climates with various friends for some desert climbing and bouldering mixed in with sessions of Internet work at various random locations!
If feels great to be back out climbing after a three month ski distraction! Enjoy the photos...

The Shipyard - Long Canyon

Mentoring the next generation

Heather warming up on the Black Box - Big Bend

A fun corner route in Long Canyon

Working on wide cracks - Black n Stack's - Offwidth City

Technical approach in Joe's Valley

a fun problem in Joe's

Flashing the highball problem - Twilight

Working on a new problem high in the left fork

Heather and Marry Ann on a cool route at Area 51
Dean Lords - Idaho