Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stick Season Almost Over!!!

It's December 1st and the snow is on it's way. Actually, I spent all weekend trudging through knee deep snow up in Norton, VT chasing the elusive white tale deer. No luck but my legs sure did get a pre-season workout!!! Things are ramping up for the upcoming ski season. Days are getting shorter and nights are getting colder. The wood stoves are warming their belly's and the electric bills are bumping up. Skiers and snowboarders are all waiting impatiently for the areas and backcountry to fill in so they can ride their prized wood stick's. This time of year is best for comfort food, micro-brew's, and the new ski flicks. Be sure to check out Meathead Films new movie "Wild Stallions". It's a fun combination of jibbing, kickers, and BC trips filmed all over the East Coast. I've been working with these boys for around 8 years now and it never gets old. Hope everyone makes it through stick season without totally freaking out. Snow will be here in no time. I'm off to bring in a few more cord of wood and tune up my rock skis.
Tony Rossi