Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's Carolyn been up to...

40th - my 40th year on the planet has been great; of course I have to thank Mammut for their continued support. I had numerous firsts; my first 5.12 traditional ascent in the Sandia Wilderness (my back yard) Autumn Ivy at 10,000ft; many firsts in "the Compound" my own private training facility;
Overhead Squat 95#
Pull ups: 22 (max set)
TGU: 55lbs
Snatch 75#
On the trail: "River to Crest" (18.5miles[9miles bike, 9.5 run/snowshoe], 6000' elevation gain): 3hrs 15min winter.
I had two amazing ski trips this spring; John and I went to Heli Ski out of Terrance BC with Northern Escapes; then followed that up with a 12-day Ski Mountaineering trip in the Ortler/Cevedale region of Italy; 100,000 vertical (up & down) mostly self propelled.
And I can't forget my own unstoppable program in it's 6th season "Climb like a Girl"; women's climbing seminars.

As always I continue to enjoy my work as a guide and athlete trainer; anytime I am not working in the mountains or training in my studio I am out with friends climbing, skiing, mtn biking, racing and enjoying my life.

As I move closer to my 41st year I am laying the foundation for more firsts and fun. I will keep you all posted. As always you can find out what I am up to by visiting; www.athenafit.com or www.suntoucher.com.

All my best,

Carolyn Parker

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