Friday, September 3, 2010

Powder magazine sep cover.

Well folks this is a big one for me. When I first started in photography I was drawn to shooting skiing because of my love for the outdoors and my passion for skiing. I didn’t know much about photography or business, but I had a dream and wanted to work hard to get there. I had a goal to get the cover of Powder Magazine as do most ski photographers and knew that If I was persistent that it would eventually happen. I have landed many covers in the last few years, but none have been as rewarding to see as this one. Walking into the super market and buying my own copy was awesome. I wanted to tell the lady at the cash register that that was my photo on the cover, but I didn’t think she would really get it.

This cover represents many things that are key in my photographic career. What is that you might ask? Well, First Powder is number one. Always has been and always will be. Getting the cover was the first goal I set with my very first ski photo and feels amazing to complete. Two, working hard, being creative and always looking for new angles to shoot will get you shots that people want. This shot was taken in late march on a high pressure day when most the snow was baked and there was not much going on. I had seen this rock while skiing by a few days before and thought that focusing on a skier and the castle and not so much the snow would make an interesting shot. The sun had just popped up over the castle and having someone that could jib off the rock would be a lot more interesting than a strait air. Many photos have been published at Alta and it is not the easiest to come up with new angles, but if you spend a little time looking around those angles are there. Third is persistence. I have sent countless photos to Powder Magazine over the last 5 years and you never know what might capture the eye of the editor. Playing a numbers game and improving your skills can ultimately land you a cover.

Many thanks to everyone who have shot with me over the years and who have helped me become a better photographer.

Steve lloyd

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