Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wisconsin's Very Own Motherlode

I went out with the boys (unfortunately I am usually one of the only girls!) to Willow River State Park in my hometown of Hudson, WI to climb on our chossy-but-proud limestone roof. I had just taken my new 9.5 Infinity rope out of its packaging and the guys were itching to test it out. We ran a few laps with it on some of the classics. The consensus: "it's slick, light, and slides through a belay device as smooth as butter."
Living in the Midwest, we take what we can get when it comes to rock. Willow's slight chossiness is constantly ignored because the climbing is long, steep and fun, and the park is beautiful, with multiple waterfalls flowing right beside the cliff. My favorite part about climbing there is taking big falls and swinging out over the falls. What a rush! For Wisconsin rock climbing, it's some of the best around. And the season is just getting good...

Alex "AJ" Johnson

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