Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Climbing til Ski Season

A crazy thing happens each fall as the leaves tweak their colors and the peaks recieve the first dusting. My mind shifts to the upcoming season of pow shredding. Boxes start arriving from Mammut, K2, Scarpa, and Smith to fuel the fire even more. Nights are filled with quality time enjoying Greg Stump and Dick Barrymore classic ski flicks. Its true I am adddicted-a true powder and tele ski junkie. The only thing I can do to get my mind off this winter obsession is spend lots of time rock climbing at the City of Rocks, Idaho.

There are so many things I love about climbing .Climbing requires your mind to be very present and to focus. Climbing gives us an opportunity to get out to beautiful spots and challenge ourselves. They're is also the extra fun that goes along with the climbing experience-camping,beers by the fire, hot springs,alpine starts, and great time with friends.
Danny Walton

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