Sunday, January 23, 2011

SLC -> Moe's Valley

After a few years of "vagabond" living, I've decided to move back to Salt Lake-- to be able to earn money, sleep in a bed, subscribe to Netflix, take showers without sandals, go to yoga, train in a gym, etc... AI'm also living in a house of climbers, all of whom are very motivated to take multiple trips a month to the nearby deserts... About a week ago, we went to Moe's Valley, down by St. George, Utah. Even though it was snowing in Salt Lake when we left, we had highs near 60 F with lots of sun.
Hippie carpool: Four humans, two dogs, four crashpads, two tents, etc, etc... strapped to and crammed in one '95 Subaru legacy.

Bread, Nutella, avacado, egg.

David highballing up at the Dragonfly boulder.
View from the high plateau.

Thawing in the morning sun.

The Kung-Pao boulder.
Yours truly on Sichuan Peppercorn, on the Kung-Pao boulder. (Wearing Madyson Wmn's pants, Manola Hoody, and Goblin shoes -these are all some of my favorite Mammut things!.)

-Christine Balaz

PS Moe's has a new guidebook (, so if you're curious about the place, it's definitely worth checking out. Though the rock quality is much worse than at Joe's, it's still a really fun place with many problems, very relaxed camping, and lots of winter sun.

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