Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mammut Products in Action- Light & Strong

Here in the northeast we are having a good old fashioned winter. The snowpack is deep, the ice is fat and the temperatures are always changing. This past week we had two storms and the temps went from 30f to -20f in a few days. This varied type of weather keeps me guessing. What clothing and gear should I bring for Mt Washington ascents, ski tours or ice climbs?

As a working guide I am out in the mountains over 20+ days each month. With this amount of climbing I require products that hold up and perform well. I am always looking for light weight items to keep my pack weight down. Many of the Mammut items I currently use are the lightest on the market but at the same time durable.

Mammut Sports Group offers a full assortment of products that range from technical garments, footwear, climbing hard and soft goods. All the Mammut products I use are light & strong while maintaining a high standard quality.

Lake Willoughby Vermont is the finest ice climbing area in New England. Lots of steep ice routes and at times very cold and windy.

Mammut Twilight Ropes. These twin ropes are my choice for climbing with one person.
These ropes are durable and ultra light. The ropes have a Teflon Coating Finish to reduce friction within the fibers. You get a lighter stronger rope with very good handling.

Aubrey and I have climbed together for years. Aubrey is a Mammut customer wearing his Laser Jacket, Baffin Harness and Cerro Gloves.

Last year I wore the Mamook GTX Boot for many days during the ice season. The boots are great, very light with a good fit equals very good performance. My only comment would be the boots were not warm enough for the colder days during the New England winters.
Sure enough Mammut came out with a warmer boot the Mamook Thermo . I have use this boot since December and have not had cold feet yet, the boot is light, the fit is good, and the boot is a top performer on steep ice routes.

Rumney is not just a sport area. The Geographic Factor is one of the prize ice lines on this south facing cliff. When the temps drop - Rumney is the place to go for some fine steep ice routes. There were a few devoted rock climbers sending routes at Waimea this same day.

For 145 years Mammut has designed fine quality alpine products.

Thanks very much to Mammut.

Art Mooney
UIAGM/AMGA licensed guide

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