Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Buttermilks, Bishop, CA

We just got back from a 5-day trip to the Buttermilks in Bishop, CA, with 530 miles of driving each way and three climbing days. Our first time there. Here's some photos... Enjoy!
-Christine Balaz

Tree of Life, near I-80, Utah

Rest stop near Wendover, UT

Nevada begins...

...and continues

Cop Shop, Bishop

Sunrise over the Buttermilks

Cave Boulder

A Birthing Experience

Guidebook orienteering

Rest day exploration in nice weather

Green Wall Essential (V2) at sunset

Me checking out the Checkerboard Boulder

Buttermilks Main, as seen from adjacent "mountain"

Eastern Sierras poking out

Legendary snow beast

Beautiful valley in Buttermilk Country

Cold, cold day in the Buttermilks!

Me sending Milking the Milks (V6), Tut Boulder

David sending a sit start on the Tut Boulder (V6)

Snowy Day in Buttermilks

Warming up on The Prow (V2), Birthday Boulders

Me trying to figure out the Cave Boulder

David working Stained Glass (V10)

Applying children's sunblock, SPF 30

A wild, wild animal

Buttermilks Main from adjacent "mountain"

David sending Soul Slinger (V9)

David flashing another problem, High Plains Drifter (V7)

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