Thursday, July 28, 2011


Iceland Express stops in Reykjavik en route to Stockholm. Note the lack of trees.

Back in Sweden!


Into the forest to find cantarella mushrooms

Harvesting a few

Not in Utah anymore!

Picking cantarella mushrooms

Moose track

More cantarella mushrooms.

Raspberries (aka hallon).

Karlstad's local (and very good) granite bouldering spot, Dye. Even though water was running down the holds, the Swedes insisted we could climb. "No, no, no. It's amazing what chalk can do!"

Indeed we could climb!

Swimming and leisure at Vänern

Vänern, Sweden's largest lake

Back in Dye. David cleaning out the bottom of many problems. New extensions are possible after the removal of a huge block.
A video from David on Dye bouldering.

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