Monday, August 22, 2011

Training, Working, Climbing, Training, Working, Climbing

Life continues to roll by here in Sweden. Because David and I are both quite busy working, we've been spending most of our time in town... but we've been pretty happy about that, too, as being in town means we also have a bed, shower, climbing gym, "regular" gym, refrigerator, and such.

Here are some photos of this all...

David's work: Magazinet Sport.

Bench pressing at the neighborhood gym, Skårepumpen.

More bouldering at Dye (in Karlstad).

Trying to find the good part of this bad sloper

David and a friend spent five hours moving a 300+ kg stone away from this boulder in order to add extensions to many of Dye's better problems.

David re-sending some of these problems with the new extensions.

Swedish muffins with wild-picked lingon berries.

Back in Skårepumpen.

David working on the complete Dye traverse, a 65-move project.

Toward the end of that traverse.

Me working on a climb called Sälen.

David working on yet another problem made possible by the removal of the 300kg block.

Sport climbing in Byn, about an hour west of Karlstad.

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