Friday, August 12, 2011

Sweden's West Coast: A Wedding and Extracurricular Climbing

Last weekend we went to a family wedding on the West Coast of Sweden, in Stenungsund. The wedding took place on Saturday afternoon, so we managed to fit in some sport climbing on Saturday morning, as well as a short bouldering tour on Sunday.

Sport climbing near Stenungsund. A very fun, though short, schist cliff.

View looking out from the cliff

The site of the wedding

View from the reception hall

Fisher cabins on the shore

The newly-wed bride and groom arrived by boat.

Post-wedding Sunday: Jakob, David's cousin, takes us on a tour of his local bouldering haunts. Though small, this cliff band had quite a lot of excellent problems!


Unknown said...

Hey man, can you tell me a bit better where exactly the cliff on the third picture near Stenungsund is? Next summer I want to go there I think;) hope to hear from you!

Greetings, Lars Hildebrand

Mammut Pro Team said...

I apologize that it took so long to reply; this cliff is in Stenungsund, right near the Tjörnbron (58.063872, 11.811280). If you go to this website:

scroll down to Tjörnbronklippan. You'll need to log in to look at the information, but I'm pretty sure that creating an account is free.

I hope that helps! Happy climbing!