Monday, October 24, 2011

Photos from Font

We've just polished off two weeks here in Fontainebleau. Our only guidebook is the 7 + 8 Straight-ups, so I have no idea what most of the problems we've done are even called... Which I think is better anyway, as all of them (even the warm-ups) seem really hard anyhow in this technical wonderland, and most all of them cool. In an area with this much rock and this many amazing problems, it seems like a real waste of time and opportunity to run around with a guidebook in hand, looking for a few problems. Or at least on your first trip here, as is my case.
A classic Font topout

The solution for the topout. (Notice: the climber is already on the rock.)

Our street in Avon.

One of the gite owners' cats checking out our stuff in the morning.

Swedes and technology

A classic and fun face problem in Isatis

Johan trying a 7a in Isatis.

Another fun and high problem in Isatis whose name I don't know...

French countryside

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