Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It was a different kind of winter for me...not complaining, pinched nerve in my neck followed by a broken fibula created some challenges to say the least. However, sticking with my doctrine of “never stop” and “the only one who has the power to create your existence is you!” The injuries healed, I trained intelligently and somehow managed a ski summit of Mont Blanc April 24th...albeit many would say I am never “off the couch” this was as off as it could be for a big summit day, incredible adventure.

I hadn’t been back on my ski’s due to ankle since January...with a long history of alpine climbing and ski mountaineering I wasn’t worried but I knew it’d be a couple of huge days. And it was...but worth every moment...

After spending the night at the Grand Mulets hut, making news friends and seeing some old familiar faces, my partners and I took off a 2am to head to the summit. It was another gorgeous night, full moon, the lights of Chamonix below. A few thousand feet of skinning brought us to 1000m of 45 - 60 degree hard neve and ice. 

Everything continued smoothly, the only challenge aside from my ski boots wreaking havoc on my feet (tender things from no skiing for months) was the wind. How the wind changes everything. From approx. 13,000ft on it was raging. We dropped our skis for the last push to the summit in hopes of not being blown off, spectacular day and once again my Mammut gear served well, beyond well.

Every layer, hat, gloves, harness, pack, beacon, shovel, probe, base layers, nothing failed...ever. A critical piece of success in the mountains is your mind, your commitment, great partners and solid equipment...that day I had it all!

Thank you Mammut!!!
Carolyn Parker
Athlete, Trainer, Guide
Founder Athenafit Training
AMGA Certified Rock Guide
"The unforgettable experience: one part of you seeks it, another part is afraid to find it. Which part persists, that which triumphs will define you."

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