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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mammut Alpine School on Mt Baker.

Mammuts 150 Peaks Project and the Mammut Alpine School brought me to the Cascade region of Washington State to climb Mt Baker. Tracey Cottingham (Mammut Sports Group Designer) and I teamed up with Pete Keane and Gabe Coler of Timberline Mountain Guides to lead a a group of 8 climbers. Tracey put together  this team which included 5 Lopez Islands students and 3 members of the Lummi Nation. It was a historic adventure which began on a tall ship then ended with a climb to the summit of Mt Baker .

This year Mammut is celebrating the 150 year anniversary and on this climb we are celebrating Mammuts anniversary and the first ascent of Mt Baker which happened just over 145 years ago. Tracey designed this trip to be a true celebration of history, nature, and a connection with communities from Lopez Island, the Lummi Nation and others.

The tall ship Lady Washington in Bellingham Bay. Climbers are being transported to shore via the hand made Lummi Cedar rose canoe.

 Lopez Island students on land after after their three day journey by sea. 

 The Mammut Mastedon family keeping watchful eyes on us.

 Our climbing team packed and ready to approach base camp.

First of many obstacles balancing on the log to cross the river.  

Team leader Tracey (center) with Lyra and Tahoma.

 Cliff Cultee - Lummi tribal chairman gets a view of the lofty summit.

 Snow and Ice school on the lower snow slopes.

The weather was perfect on this trip. We had a beautiful warm evening and were surrounded with wildflowers in full bloom.

Early morning on the Coleman Glacier.

Victoria and I up high on the pumice ridge.

Our team of 11 on route to the summit. 

Altitude and steep climbing is putting us to the test.

New heights were gained for the team, Tabatha now enjoying the descent from the summit.

Gabe leading a roped team to the summit plateau.

Mammut 150 peaks project makes another ascent.
Here we are on top of Mt Baker 10781ft.

Thank to Mammut for this amazing opportunity bringing together this team of climbers.
To Tracey for all her work designing and leading us on this historic trip.
To Timberline Guides for the excellent guidance and access to the mountain.
To the climbers it was a great time meeting and climbing with each of you. 

Art Mooney