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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Awesome Book!

Anyone who's read any of my posts or knows me is probably tired of hearing about all theinjuries.

I swear I'm not trying to be passive about this! As much as I climb, I try also to stretch, do antagonist exercises, etc... I also listen to my body, and stop when things hurt... But all of a sudden: Pop! Ouch! A new injury that I never saw coming.

I recently bought a book, Pilates for the Outdoor Athlete (Lauri Ann Stricker, Fulcrum Publishing).

In this book, Lauri addresses athletes -climbers, runners, bikers, etc...-, their needs, common injuries, muscle imbalances. She discusses for each athlete which muscle groups need strengthening and which need stretching. After a general introduction to pilates principles, history, technique, she gives multiple routines for each sport. Additionally, a comprehensive list of exercises and stretches is given in the back, and a list organizing these by the muscles they work.

Some of you probably think I'm from exercise Kindergarten, but I've been using this book for a while, and have been excited -so I thought I should share!

(Up at home in Montana right now, I even got my Mom to join me.)