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Monday, December 23, 2013

Realization Shorts and Steep Sandstone

The Red River Gorge is one of the United States' best sport climbing areas and there's no better time to visit than in the fall. If you don't mind cold nights, November is a great month. The leaves are in full colour, the humidity is relatively low and the temps are perfect for climbing.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunny and Dry... in the Southeast?

I've been driving around this continent since the end of February, looking for good weather in all the usual places... But when snow and wind chased us out of Nevada... wind blew us out of Texas... and two weeks of rain and snow sealed the deal at Indian Creek, my partner and I decided to bust a fat move to Kentucky! If we weren't able to find sun in the desert, and climate statistics were going prove utterly useless- we might as well try out the other side of the US. Destination: Red River Gorge. Where, even if it rains, you can at least climb.

A month into our stay here, we're finally recovering from bouldering tweaks, illnesses, bad-weather-slovenliness, and car break-downs. And we've enjoyed all but a a week's worth of bad weather. (Knock on wood!) The Red seems to be granting us some of the best spring weather in its history-- with the last few weeks even being "too hot"- near 90 F some days. Woah!

Ticks, spiders, snakes, flies, and mosquitoes have come out in full-force with the spring leaves- but you just have to be careful where you step- it's summer here now!

Good news is: Miguel's now has five showers ($1.50/ 8 minutes of *hot* water) and more bathrooms. Camping is still $2/ night/ person and there is on-site wifi ($2/week). Add that up, and living here = cheap!

The state park (Natural Bridge State Resort) immediately across the road has beautiful trail system that's perfect for running and hiking.

Oh yeah... if you're going to drive to Kentucky, it's going to take a while.

Doing time on I-70. Swedish David isn't used to the size of this country.

I still think we're in Kansas, Toto.

Still in Kansas.

Finally at the Red! Crossing the stream on the way to Funk Rock City.

Steven, my female dog, collecting ticks.
Christine needs all the rest she can get. Onsighting at the Solarium.

I love this place...

Friend Konrad on a "12.d" at the Shady Grove.
-Christine Balaz