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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day One in Ten Sleep

Today was my first climbing day at Ten Sleep Canyon -and I'm SO HAPPY to be climbing on a rope again! This month, I'll be staying with Alli Rainey and Kevin Wilkinson -and today they let me come along as the third person in their party. Mind you, this is kind of like a tricycle with two shiny, spinny wheels and one that's all sticky and bent. But no matter, they belayed my silly body up some of the most fun climbs I've done in a while!

Today we climbed at the Slavery Wall, which sometimes goes by the name of"Poop Your Pants Because Climbing is so Fun Wall". The best part about climbing three is that someone can be taking pictures all the time. So we busted out the cameras and went to town.

The hike up to the Slavery Wall

View of the wall from the trail
Alli climbing the crack shared by many routes as their start

Alli nearing the business of her route

Jedi isn't doing any mind tricks right now

Hippie photo time

Air time
View up Ten Sleep Canyon from Poop Your Pants Wall

Kevin "Stealth" Wilkinson camouflages himself cleverly to blend in with the rock. (Alli Rainey photo)

This picture was actually just rotated 90 degrees clockwise, and Kevin is just standing on the ground. (Alli Rainey photo)

(Alli Rainey photo)

Majestic birds and climber

Folks from Colorado, Montana, Texas, and more all parking properly at the pullout.

Kevin doing working on a massive linkup of wicked hard routes, the name of which he has told me several times now... (Alli Rainey photo)

Me on Jackabite, testing out the new, super comfortable and attractively simple Zephira harness and the awesome, 9.5 infinity 80m rope. Yes!

Me resting because, holy crap, this is longer than 10 moves.

Me on the amazing, amazing Happiness in Slavery

Me smiling because I planned ahead and wore a diaper

Sorry, Alli, that you're still belaying me on Happiness in Slavery.