Thursday, September 17, 2009

8 a.m. wake up call

What were you doing at 8 a.m. this morning??

I'll be honest, we're not blessed with the best stone here in Eastern Idaho! So new routing often requires a LOT of cleaning. Usually it's dirt filled cracks or lots of loose small rocks, but when you get something like this, you can't help but grin ear to ear when something that big is reacted upon by gravity!

I was a bit nervous the other day when working on a new route, and given the fact that there is indeed a road just below the cliff, i wanted a few friends out there to make sure there wasn't any traffic headed up or down the road. Thank heavens as it left a 2' deep 4' wide hole smack dab in the center of the gravel road. Don't worry, we filled it in on our way home.

Volume helps on this one. The explosion at the end is awesome. Enjoy!

Dean Lords - Eastern Idaho

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Chris Thomas said...

Proud work on the trundle! More fun than climbing itself!